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Being Schooled by My Child

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Several friends have commented that my posts have all been terribly deep.  Well, sometimes that happens.  Particularly when my mind is particularly swirly.  So – tonight I write about something a tad bit lighter.

Monkey #3 – the girl child – is a fascinating creature.  She has SUCH a dominant personality.  She doesn’t ask…she DEMANDS.  When she doesn’t get her way, or when asked to do something she deems beneath her – beware of the wrath.  The world is her stage and we were only put here to bask in her glory.

However, she is also one of the kindest, friendliest, most compassionate people I have ever met.   I could learn much from her.

Lesson 1.  Consider everyone your friend.  Whenever The Girl Monkey tells a story about someone she knows, she always begins with “My friend, (fill in the blank), in my (class, ballet class, club, etc).  It’s not “this girl” or “someone.”  It’s always “my friend.”  I am incredibly jealous of this ability.  I am an extroverted introvert.  I am quite shy – until I get to know you.  And if I am in a situation where I don’t know anyone, I try to just melt into the background.  I have never been able to just walk into a new environment and become friends with everyone in the room.  Because of this, there are many people I know that don’t really know me – the real me.  The Girl Child, always lays it right out on the table.  “This is who I am!  Come be my friend!”

2.  Spread the joy that is you to everyone you meet.  One of my mentorees at school (I’ll call her My Part Monkey – or MPM) is in the hospital.  Her appendix ruptured.  Quite scary.  My Part Monkey doesn’t come from what anyone would consider a prosperous family.  Frequently they are without a utility – or food.  I have gone to visit her a couple of times this week to give her some loves.  Last night at tuck-in-time, The Girl Child stated that she wanted to visit MPM in the hospital.  Today, she accompanied me, bringing with her a coloring book she hadn’t used and a book that she had finished reading.  Bravely, she walked the halls of the children’s hospital, not at all scared of the very sick children around her.  When MPM saw The Girl Child, her face lit up.  Sure she was happy to see ME – but The Girl Child was the first kid – other than family – that had come to visit.

We didn’t stay long.  MPM was tired, and The Girl Child had to get to ballet rehearsal.  But, as we were preparing to leave, The Girl Child announced that she wanted to come back tomorrow.  And this time stay longer.

When asked why she wanted to go back, she simply replied, “Because she is my friend.”

And that’s what friends do…


There are times when The Girl Child tries my patience.

There are times when I am tempted to put The Girl Child outside to be raised by wolves.

There are times when I want to call my mother and apologize for everything I did as a girl – usually as The Girl Child is loudly expressing her displeasure at a request made to her.

Then, there are times when I look at The Girl Child and think, how I wish I was more like her.

Then again, maybe one of her in the world is plenty.


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