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Too Much Time on My Hands…

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I have been home for the past few days with the flu.  Ordered to “rest,” drink plenty of fluids, and take Tamiflu (which, by the way, is a miracle drug).  So, my mother took the Three Little Monkeys to her house and I have been in solitude.

And bored out of my mind.  After all, there are only so many times you can watch episodes of Friends and Sex and the City.

And when I am bored and things are too quiet, my mind starts to wander.

And I begin to have conversations in my head (I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested).

And I realize that there are things that I wish I could say out loud.  But, I can’t.  Not even here.

And I feel like the Cowardly Lion.  “If I only had the noy-ve.”

And that is very frustrating.






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Single mother of three. Teacher. Amateur Jewelry Designer. Singer. Hack writer. Trying to keep sane - as well as I can.

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