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Ugh. Already?

Daily Prompt: First Light.

Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.

My morning began as every school day begins – with my doing mental math to calculate exactly many times I can hit snooze on my phone before I will make myself late.

It usually goes like this:

4:55 – Alarm goes off the first time.  Automatically hit snooze.  That is the practice alarm.

5:00 – The alarm across the room goes off.  Get up.  Trip over something on the floor.  Turn it off.  Shuffle back to bed, careful to avoid the previously tripped on item.  Climb back in bed.  “I have a few more minutes.”

5:05 –   Phone alarm goes off again.  I think, “One more should do it.”  Hit snooze.  Back to sleep.

5:10 – Phone alarm again.  I think, “Oooo!  The Monkeys are at their dads!  I have a few more minutes.”  Hit snooze.  Back to sleep.

5:15 – Phone alarm again.  I think, “My hair isn’t that dirty. I can go without washing it today.  I have a few more minutes.”  Hit snooze.  Back to sleep. (Now, I have to be very careful about this level or I will convince myself that my hair isn’t dirty far more times than I should…)

5:20 – Alarm again!  By this time I am hating the STUPID SONG played by my STUPID PHONE!!!  TURN OFF ALARM!!!  Turn on TV.  Roll over and listen to the news.

5:30 – If it is a morning when I have my kids, then I had BETTER GET MOVING or we will be late.  If not, I start rationalizing why I deserve to lay there a few minutes longer.

By 5:45 I am approaching Threat Level Midnight, and I had better get my butt in gear and get ready.  And so it begins.

No other thoughts in my head.  Except for, “Ugh.  Already?”



About Susan D.

Single mother of three. Teacher. Amateur Jewelry Designer. Singer. Hack writer. Trying to keep sane - as well as I can.

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  1. Haha! This made me laugh…. only because it sounded all too familiar!! My husband says I torture myself with my snooze. I could push it for hours if I had to. He’s always saying you could have had 30 more minutes of good sleep, but you spent it pushing the snooze every 7 minutes. True.

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