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My Not So Secret Fetish…

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Yes, please!

There is no hiding it.  Nor am I ashamed of it.

Where other people check out what someone else is wearing, I check out their feet.

I have a love of shoes.   The higher the better.

The look of the tension of the foot in the heel.  The curve of the calf muscle.

A beautiful pair of shoes can instantly make me feel sexy.  Instead of walking – I strut.


I have no idea where my love of shoes came from.  It certainly wasn’t from my mother.  She didn’t wear heels.

In the 70’s, she even wore Earth Shoes.  Remember those?  The heel was actually LOWER than the toe.  The company said it helped with back problems.  Even then, I thought they were hideous.  I mean honestly.  Just look at them.  Horrible.


GO, Susan! Go!

All I know is I have always loved a good shoe.  One of my earliest memories is from when I was 3 years old.  I was having a MAJOR screaming fit in the children’s shoe department of the Jordan Marsh in West Palm Beach, Florida, all because my mother would not buy me a pair of white go-go boots.  She said something about them not being practical.  Even my three-year-old self understood that it wasn’t about practicality.  It was about the SHOE!  I wanted them!  Badly!  And life was super unfair because my stupid mother wouldn’t let me have them!!!


Disco Diva

It took a bit longer for the fetish for high-heeled shoes to kick in.

You see.  I was a tall girl.  I hit my full height of 5’8″ at 13.  When most boys still came up to my chin.  If I was lucky.  But.  I convinced my mother to let me get my first pair of heels just in time for the 8th grade prom.  They looked a lot like these.  Only tan.  I loved those shoes.  I love the way they made my foot look.  I loved the little ankle strap.  It didn’t matter that they made me six-feet tall.  They were amazing.  I held on to those shoes for the longest time.  In fact.  If I still had them (and if I could still fit in them), I’d wear them today!

Photo is loading

One of my loves…


Over the years, the heel-height may have gone up and down.  Pregnancy and small children and being 120 pounds over-weight forced me to wear ugly comfy shoes.  But, in my heart, I knew I would get back to my true loves.   They were just waiting for me.  Patiently.  Until I found my way back to them.

Hello, lover.

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