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Ersatz Erasure

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Daily Prompt: Erasure.

You have the choice to erase one incident from your past, as though it never happened. What would you erase and why?

Interestingly enough, I was just having a conversation with someone the other day about the concept of wishing you had not been through an experience.  I said that, as long as you are relatively happy with who you are today, why would you want to undo anything?  Those previous experiences made you who you are now!  Call it the Butterfly Effect.  Who is to say what little thing changed might affect who you are?

Oh sure, there are some previous relationships I kinda wish I could use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on and make them go away completely.  But, again – who is to say it wouldn’t then change me in a negative way – instead of a positive?

So, back to the question.  I guess that if I had to go back and erase one event – or more like a series of events – I’d go back and not have burned my skin to a crisp whenever I had the chance back in high school.  I was pretty fair-skinned.  And living in South Florida, I would spend pretty much every Saturday at the beach with my friends – slathered up with Hawaiian Tropic Oil or better yet BABY OIL.  Just like a piece of chicken dropped in the vat – fried, fried FRIED.  And like most people in the 80s, I had no idea all that burning would cause significant damage to my skin.  Oh sure, my grandmother had a melanoma removed (as well as a large chunk of her tricep and her lymph nodes), but that was GRANDMA.  Only OLD PEOPLE had to worry about that.

Fast forward a couple of years when I had my first pre-cancerous mole removed.  I sill didn’t quite get it.  Upgraded my sunblock to a 4…

So, if I hadn’t have burned my skin those countless times, I wouldn’t have had at last count 6 pre-cancerous moles removed.  And I wouldn’t have to go to the dermatologist every six months to a year (depending on if the last time he had to take off anything that has started to turn).  And I wouldn’t have been told by said dermatologist that it isn’t a matter of IF I will get skin cancer, but WHEN and whether or not they got it early.

So, if I had to erase anything, I would give myself mediterranean skin, instead of my grandmother’s Irish skin – and I’d erase all that skin damage.

Of course, that would also mean I would erase all my cute freckles on my shoulders, and I really like those freckles.  So, once again, if I erase one thing, I’d erase my adorable freckles.

It is the proverbial Catch-22!

Speaking of, it’s time for me to call and make my annual appointment with the skin doc.  Hopefully this time I’ll be in the clear.


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  4. Hmmmm … Mr. Clean … I wish he had my back sometimes 🙂 Anyhoo, stopping by to see what other wrote form the “Erasure” prompt – yes – I am a day late … would love it if you had time to stop by my place – cheers!

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