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Like Sands Through the Hourglass…

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I have heard it said you have only two “great loves” in your life.  You know, the type of relationship that stays with you forever.  If that is the case, I have used up my quota, as I have had them – and lost them.  Done and done.  The first was my ex-husband – The Monkey Daddy.  The second was my former love.

Our relationship was one that came out of nowhere and took us both by surprise.  You see, we have known each other for fifteen years.  My ex and his now ex have been close friends for over two decades.  We have been to weddings and baby showers and play dates and birthday parties together.  We weren’t “friends,” but we certainly weren’t strangers.  I always found him interesting and fun.  He always found me witty and there was something about me that made him happy when we’d run into each other – he just didn’t know what.  And after years of this we suddenly found ourselves single (or in his case what we thought was soon to be single) at the same time.  And we quickly moved from friends to ever so much more.

Sounds like the plot to some summer blockbuster romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

Coming soon to a theater near you…

“It Had to Be You”

Friends for years – but nothing more

Until that fateful day when she simply liked his post on Facebook…

And the rest was history.

Starring Meg Ryan as the unlucky-in-love divorced mother of three


Tom Hanks as the old acquaintance who would change her life for good.

Unfortunately, it was that history that turned our story from a romcom into a soap opera.  No seriously.  It became like a story line straight out of All My Children.  That meddling Erika Kane always getting in the way.  Ms. Susan Lucci herself couldn’t have played the part any better.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the continuing story on – “It Had to Be You.”


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