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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

via Daily Prompt: Clone Wars.

I have often said that science really needs to perfect the cloning process just so I can get all the crap I need to do done.  Either that, or add more time to the day or make it so I don’t really need sleep.  OOOOOOO!!!!  Or MAYBE some wonder drug that keeps you awake, yet still feel refreshed – but without all those nasty side effects you get from cocaine! 😉

Ok, so if I was given a few clones, how would I split up the jobs?

Clone #1 – her job would be to keep my house clean.  I really hate cleaning.  I mean HATE it.  On the other hand, I fully understand it needs to be done, yet it is the one thing I frequently let fall by the wayside.  There are just far too many “important” things to do.  Like blog.

Clone #2 – her job would be to grade papers.  Talk about a time suck!  Thirty-one students.  Three assignments a day – and usually two for homework.  The sheer amount of papers is daunting. Of course, Clone #2 would have to show me any papers that looked like I would need to work with the student and do some remediation.  While she is at it – she can manage all other school related paperwork.

Clone #3 – her job would be to run errands and shuttle children from spot to spot.  Oh wait.  I have one of those.  She’s called my mother…

That would leave me with the fun stuff.  Yard work.  Hanging out with friends.  Spending time with my children.  Blogging.  Making jewelry.  Aimlessly playing games on Facebook (I honestly believe Candy Crush Saga was made by the devil).  Maybe even occasionally going on a (gulp) date.

Stewie Griffin and his clone, “Bitch Stewie.”

Of course, as countless TV shows and movies have shown us, the more you replicate someone, the more unstable the clone becomes.  Anyone remember what happened to Stewie on Family Guy when he made a clone?  It wasn’t pretty…  And LORD KNOWS I am unstable enough as it is!

So, I guess it is back to trying to figure out how to fit 26 hours of things to do into only 24…



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