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The Not-So-Young and Restless…

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On today’s episode – the beginning…

We began simply enough.  For months we had a running game of Words With Friends.  We’d comment on Facebook statuses.  We had a couple of back and forth emails as he sought advice for how to best handle a shared custody situation (The Monkey Daddy and I seem to have a pretty good handle on it.  We may not have been that great in our marriage, but we are really good at our divorce!).  We chatted some about our both growing up in South Florida.  Imagine our surprise when we realized we had been to Grad Night at Disney World at the same time – and had even both seen one of the concerts there!  We thought it was hysterical.  But that was about it.

Then came last Easter.  He had just come back from a Spring Break trip with his kids and “checked in” on Facebook at a sushi restaurant – and made some witty comment about celebrating the resurrection of Christ by eating sushi.  Funny man.

And I clicked “like.”  That was all.  No comment.  Just “like.”

A little while later a message popped up.

It was from him.

“Random question.  How do you feel about sushi, rollercoasters and Disney World?”

I smiled at the screen.  I think I even blushed a little.  And answered, “Like it.  Love them.  Adore it.  Why?”

“Just wondering,” was his reply.

Later that night, after the kids were nestled all snug in their beds, he messaged me again.

And we “chatted” for the next three and a half hours.

By the end of the night, I think we both knew this was something special.

We also knew it was going to be insanely complicated.  Uncharted waters.  Neither of us were sure how our exes were going to react, but we were pretty sure it wasn’t going to be with rainbows and flowers.  Little did we know at the time just HOW tumultuous those waters would be.

Every night we would “chat” for hours.  Not signing off until sometime in the middle of the night.  We talked about everything under the sun.  And we discovered we had pretty much everything in common.  Likes.  Dislikes.  Little things.  Big things.  It was pretty incredible.  Other than the fact that he loves asparagus and cantaloupe and I hate them both, we were pretty much in sync.  Crazy.  It all seemed WAY too good to be true.

We didn’t know where this was going, but we wanted to find out.  We just hadn’t hit that big ol’ roadblock yet.  But it was coming…


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