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The Most Terrifying Words in the English Language

I have just discovered the nine most terrifying words in the English language…

“I should send you the link to my blog”

I guess I should clarify that.  Those are the nine most terrifying words in the English language when spoken to someone you are getting to know,

Particularly with my blog.

As we have discussed before, dear readers, my blog was formed almost a year ago as a way for me to express all those things going through my head after my break-up with my former love.  In the year since, it has become an outlet – a sort of therapy session.  I will write about just about anything that pops into my head.  And honestly, that is how I write – it just pops in there.

I have shared my inner most pain.  I have bared my soul to all of you.  None of what I have written has been fiction.  Everything has been based on the reality that is my life.

Some of you only know me through my writings.  Some of you have known me for years.  And I am glad I have affected you all in some way.

But, there is something about sending someone new – where we are still “feeling each other out” – over to read my random musings.

The words were out of my mouth (or in this case, off my fingers, as it was written in a text) before I knew what I was doing.  And once I had sent the link, suddenly, I felt naked.  I had just given access to all my innermost thoughts and fears and anger and pain to someone I haven’t even MET yet.  Oy.

You may ask, why am I able to throw these words out into cyberspace and not have a neurotic panic attack?  Hells if I know.  But, I do know that the anger and the pain don’t  fester in my heart any longer.   And yes, it has been because I have had a place to put it all.

I guess all I can do it breathe, and hope that I don’t come off as TOO crazy.

Just the right amount of crazy.

About Susan D.

Single mother of three. Teacher. Amateur Jewelry Designer. Singer. Hack writer. Trying to keep sane - as well as I can.

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  1. You are adorable, and I adore you! I completely sympathize – empathize – and will add another 9 words. “I should send you a link to my soundfiles.” Equally panic-inducing, and for similar reasons. I think because we are all somewhat programmed to care what others think, and… and… what if they don’t like us?! Family and already-made friends will like us and love us anyway, the strangers who stumble upon our sites, well, they often remain anonymous, so it’s easier. But the almost-friends? EEK!
    Also (I should probably leave this comment on your previous post) I read Absolution yesterday, and it truly touched me. The poem was inspired. I am no poetry expert, but it spoke to me, and I wanted to process it before I said anything. I am still processing, but you went and posted this one, so here we are! 🙂
    — April

    • Thank you so much! I wrote Absolution while sitting in church yesterday. That word just popped into my head, and the rest of the words just came. Flowed out of my fingers. I am glad it touched you.



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