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Ain’t Nothin’ to Fear…

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Tonight, The Monkeys and I had a pizza and movie night.  We searched and searched through Netflix streaming, until I found ParaNorman.

“Have y’all seen it?”

Nice!  A chorus of three nos!

BTW – if you haven’t seen it – make sure you do.  It is really good.  And there are “adults will find funny” moments.  You know, when they throw the parents a bone and give us a joke that flies over the kids’ heads.

But I digress.

So, in this movie, Norman is an 11 year-old boy who has the “gift” of being able to see and talk to dead people (think of it as a kid-ified version of The Sixth Sense).  Poor Norman is misunderstood by everyone, even his parents.  He is bullied.  And well, basically wants to spend all his time with the dead folks who are nice to him.

However, what I will really take away from the movie is this quote…

“There’s nothing wrong with being scared, unless it changes who you are.”

Very profound, young grasshopper…

Fear does have the nasty habit of changing who you are.  Lord knows I have blogged about that topic enough.  It has kept me from taking chances.  It has ruined relationships (namely the one with my former love.)  Even if you know that fear is changing who you are – you are seemingly powerless to stop it.

Just thought I’d share…

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